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The first time I called Randi she was a DJ at WSHE.
I was surprised she answered the phone so fast. She didn’t
know anything about why "Bolero" was dropped from the
first cutting of James Gang Rides Again. We had a nice chat
and Joe Walsh’s middle name (Fidler) came up.
I chanced upon her on WIOD But she disappeared again.
I found out about her being on WJNO from a friend,
Somehow I had missed all the big promotion and adverts.{Sure}
I’m not much of a caller. I’d rather listen to her than
hear myself talk. I called to find out what to do about forgetting
my 17th wedding anniversary and why my wife would want a male
OBGYN and stuff like that once in a while.
I always made notes before I dialed.
I’m terrible with timelines.. let’s see she had her plastic
Surgery done.
(She said it was from the neck up only
but I suspect something with the toes)
One day after the 3 o’clock witching hour Randi was still there.
Jack was in a car accident; he was being rushed to a hospital,
The earth had swallowed him up or something. You see,
Talk Show Hosts are always there when the "On Air light"
goes on. They rarely walk off their own show but that’s
another story. So I knew it was free time, Randi was off duty.
So I called off the cuff. Asked her when the WJNO website
was gonna put up a new picture.
"Picture? My picture is on the World Wide Web?"
She had no idea.
I was cyberstalkin Randi at one point and came across
A newspaper article written by Lana Sumpter about Randi.
I emailed her and soon we had a lively Randi discussion
Going back and forth.
Lana emailed Steve Becker some of our correspondence
And I was floored when Randi read it on the air.
She was freakin saying "people are discussing my show on the
World Wide Web!"
I called without prep..
She told me that Lana {Sumpter} faxed it... I don’t think she really
Understood email yet.
I was extremely witty on that phone call and said things like
" Uh"
Finally Steve asked "Are you pissed..?"
After a very pregnant pause my eloquent reply was..."No"
Now my reality twists and shouts with fantasy.
Randi has UPS drivers leaving computer equipment in
The garage. Jim is going crazy buying electronics.
Randi gets it...Gets online.
Oh, It makes me wonder.
She "stole" the HMO ditty that I "stole" from Readers Digest.
I laughed hard when I heard her singing
My Favorite Drugs that I sent her.
She made my day when she said I made her day by sending
her the words to Walkin on the Sun by Smashmouth.
I just love her.

More than any ALF doll.
Though Alf had some thoughtful insights from time to time.

Randi makes me think  a little deeper than Alf.

Thanx to my 11 yr. old Shaun for help with the gifs and background,
my 17 yr. old Rusty for the same and HTML, and my wife
for putting up with me, et. al.


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