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        The Serious side of

Randi Rhodes

And you thought the show wasn't for the laughing impaired

The Goddess of radio makes us laugh.

At times she tugs at our heartstrings

  But, she always makes us think!

You can keep up to date as she does by going to MSNBC

                                           Or CNN


            No wonder you are so legislatively challenged

                                                 justicelady2.gif (8461 bytes)       Spend some time at:

                                                                 Congressional Quarterly


Then you could find out how your representative voted at:
                                                                                                                Common cause


Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean
They aren't out to get you.
msta4s2.JPG (13454 bytes)


Does your legislator respect your privacy?
       godfone5.jpg (19787 bytes)


Randi is the best, but for more
ameaglesm.gif (20582 bytes)of that type of   
Political humor


Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law
It seems everything else is used as an excuse, but:
Here's Florida law.

                           gotojail.gif (35962 bytes)                           And a person who broke the law,
find them and a lot about the
Florida Department of Corrections

Type in a name like Cassandra Singleton                                        


At times the news is funnier than fiction
I love it when Randi does news like this
                                                                            weird news at usa today


See Randi in Washington --------via bra-girlbra3.gif (3006 bytes)


Passing a bill in just a few easy steps


Our first President's land development scandle.

------------Tidewater -----------


Let it be known that none of the aforementioned pages, comments
or rhetoric are condoned or sanctioned by Randi or her
radio affiliates . Any relation to people living or dead are probably
related to my half cousin twice removed on my Mother's side
and I can't remember her (I think it was a female) name and besides
if this were a real disclaimer you would have stopped reading by now


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